It is quite interesting to know that you can customize a computer keyboard by yourself. You can replace the keys with anything from shipping logos to your pet’s face or with a photo of your favorite band. Customization of a keyboard requires some programming skills. You can also purchase some common software applications, which are used to customize the keyboard interactively.

1. Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MKLC)

It is a free application by Microsoft, which is used to create custom keyboard layouts. The application helps a user to create layouts for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Through MKLC, you can assign any combination of keys to generate any Unicode characters. You can also clone existing keyboard layouts and modify them according to your needs.

2. Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC)

Many people find it difficult to create their own keyboard layouts from scratch since there are no ready-made templates available in the market for few laptops or desktop systems. Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC) is a tiny utility used to create a keyboard layout from scratch. Through KLC, you can change the Windows key from the F12 key to any other key on your system.

3. KeyTweak

The KeyTweak software is used to change Windows XP hotkeys or global keys. It also allows users to modify the hotkeys associated with existing programs without modifying the program itself. One can change the hotkeys of a program by simply dragging and dropping the keys. The software is available in both Windows and MAC versions.

4. Quick Set

It is a free software application to customize the Windows XP hotkeys. The program allows users to easily change the hotkey of a particular function from a popup menu without editing any files. The software also includes a handy utility to lock the screen saver and shutdown functions for all the users on the system.

5. InKey Inventor

InKey Inventor is a handy utility, which allows users to create custom keyboards. No programming skills are required to program keyboard layouts. The software allows a user to change the keys of a particular program or all programs at once. Also, it allows changing the color of the keyboard or switchable function keys.

Types of Keycaps 

Currently, there are four types of keycaps available on the market. These keycaps are dome, scissor, cylindrical and mechanical. Each keycap has different features to offer.

Replacing Keycaps

Changing keycaps is generally simple. The mechanical keyboard should have a pincer-like instrument to take the keycaps off. If not, use a straight edge that isn’t sharp, similar to a ruler. All you need to do is press straight down on the key, so the instrument fits appropriately, and afterward, pull straight up to detach the cap. When the old keycap is off, change it with the new cap by slipping it straight on.

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The keyboard is an essential part of any laptop or desktop computer. Keyboards are generally composed of keys, which are the main components of the keyboard. These keys can be customized to suit your needs in different ways, including hotkeys, multimedia buttons and custom keycaps. Thus, several programs offer customization options to the user. Thus, you can use a keyboard that is suitable for your needs and preferences.