The voice chat option in League of Legends is beneficial when a player needs to communicate with his fellow players. Almost every player uses this feature respectfully towards one another and increases their team’s odds of winning the game.

However, some players can become an extreme headache. These players end up seizing and disturbing the chat area when they can not handle the game’s pressure, which disrupts your team’s focus. If a player mistakenly replies to one of these players, they will become stuck in this endless cycle of baseless arguments.

There can also be instances where a player may misuse the in-game pinging system. Luckily, Riot Games allows a player the option to mute other players, so now you don’t have to bear any of these annoyances. Now you can concentrate in the game one hundred percent without finding yourself occupied in pointless and heated debates.

Let’s look at how you can avail of this option.

Mute Everyone Individually

Although it is possible to mute every player in the game, it will bring you at a disadvantage. If you mute everyone, you will not be able to hear any critical information given by your friends that are non-disruptive. This will cost you coordination with your teammates and impact your game negatively.

Mute Players in the Picking Stage

Players can start bugging right from the start. You can always use the “/mute” command. Leave a space after writing this command and then type or copy/paste the player’s name that you wish to mute.

Mute Players During a Match

This process is more straightforward as compared to muting in the lobby. When you enter a game, you can observe a smiley face and a chat bubble icon. To incoming mute messages from a player when playing the game, click on the chat bubble icon. Whereas, to mute the pings and emotes, you can use the smiley face icon.

How to Mute Everyone With a Single Command

Sometimes some solitude is appreciated by players and is completely fine, and it helps you remained focused on your game. It takes about 30 seconds to mute people using the methods stated above.

The commands “/fullmute” and “/mute all” will let you mute everyone playing the game for as long as your game session lasts. If you frequently use this feature in the future, you can easily create a macro via your keyboard or mouse so that the command gets typed for you. Now you won’t have to waste time by typing the command every time you start a game.

How to Unmute Players

When in-game, the unmuting process is relatively simple. To unmute, you have to click again on the smiley face icon or chat bubble icons. Now you can observe what those players say. However, unmuting in the picking stage is a bit challenging.

There are times where you discover yourself in a game session with your friend. If you have muted everyone and are now waiting to get into the game to unmute your friend, then the process will waste your time. In the league, there is no particular button to unmute anyone, but you can use the same commands you used to mute them in the first place to unmute them. If you used “/mute all” to mute the entire lobby, you can use “/mute InstertPlayernameHere” to reverse the mute on someone.

Is Muting Players Permanently Possible?

There are worse occasions when a specific player becomes such a pain in the neck that you never wish to hear from them again. Unless you memorize their name, just using the mute option will be too inconvenient.

Ignoring a player during the after-screen game or by the “/ignore” will mark the player for life and let you determine if that player is playing with or against you. You will receive a chat notification that the marked player has joined your team during the picking stage. Upon their entry into the game, they will be muted automatically; however, you will not get a chat notification if they are on the opposite team.

How to Disable Automatic Log-in to the League’s Voice Chat?

Even though the voice chat is an excellent way to boost the collaboration between teammates, entering the voice chat the second you log in can be something you do not desire. 

To disable this feature, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the league’s launcher. Then, search for the voice section on the panel on the right-hand side and uncheck the “Join the voice channel automatically” option. If you don’t want to lose this feature and want your mic to mute when you enter a lobby, turn on the feature, “Mute me when I connect to League voice.”.

How to Handle Negative Players?

The voice chat feature is designed to help improve the teamwork of players. If you are constantly receiving messages that do not pertain to the game or using foul language, report this player so that Riot Games can take action. Just press ALT + R, and an option called “Report” will show up. Fill in the necessary information so that Riot can act accordingly on a player’s verbal abuse or toxic behavior. By doing this, you are contributing to maintaining the League community clean.

Can You Whisper in the League?

Although it is more comfortable to match with your teammates by whispering, sometimes you may want to use the chat. It can be helpful to keep track of your objectives and know how the game is progressing.

To whisper, right-click somewhere on the screen and select “Send whisper.” Then type in what you want someone else to see or read. This will not appear on their screen until they click on their name, which will open up a chat window where players can see what you wrote.

How Do I Change My Whisper’s Appearance?

It is essential for an ambiance that your teammates can quickly identify to who you are sending whispers. To change your whisper’s appearance, press “R” and then click on “Appearance.” You can sort the chat by clicking on the appropriate tab. Click on the tab for colors, and you can either see all chat’s colors or change them to something else.

As you can see, it is essential to keep your teammates and enemies informed of your presence and activities in your game. Keeping a close watch on teammates and foes is essential for winning battles and keeping tabs on what everyone else is up to during a game.

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Happy gaming! We hope that now you can play League of Legends without having to face those players who ruin the fantastic experience of such an intense and fun game. Hopefully, now you can concentrate on matches in the future and win as many as possible.