Video Summary

Yes! The drop enter tkl keyboard is supposed to aim for budget territory at more than half the price of the control at 89. When you compare the price points 90 versus what i found over a hundred dollars for the mk01 so the enter keyboard seems to be a pretty damn good deal. Both these models are on sale for a limited time during amazon prime day. A simple and elegant keyboard with an aluminum curved base that looks awesome. The one iffy part here is with the illumination drop says it is white illumination but based on all three models that i have it’s yellow.

This keyboard comes with either halo true switches or gateron yellow linear switches. The tactile point is at 0.5 millimeters so it’s almost instantaneous requires 54 grams of actuation force. i also like the rebound skirt on the halo trues and that fast reset. drop has delivered here with the enter keyboard they cut down just enough features for it to be worth it for the 89 price point. i feel like the switch types the halo truce and the gator on yellows plus the different color variations of the keyboard itself are major benefits.

The drop enter keyboard is a budget alternative to the control keyboard. The 89 price point is attractive by the time you add all the shipping charges and custom stuff you might as well pick something that is just as premium from your local retailer. It’s appropriately priced if you’re in the north american market.

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